International Buddhist Foundation Fund (MBNF) is an organization supporting individuals and groups engaged in the teachings of the Buddha - Dhamma in its nejstarčí form called 'Learning elders' - Theravada.

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Dhammatalk with dassana - Vipassana Meditation

Lotus Center invites you to Dhammatalk with dassana on topic Vipassana Meditation: Transformation of the mind in a pleasant, quiet and free refuge, which will be held on Wednesday 31 August at 19:30.

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Lecture Jeff Oliver - "No Self, No Worries"

Lotus Center: We would like to invite you to a lecture by Jeff Oliver, to be held Aug. 15 from 19 pm on the topic of "No Self, No Worries".

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Death - guide and ally

self-experience workshop organized by the Centre footbridge in cooperation with Bodhi Prague, os on 21 to 23 October 2011 in Munich Hradište. For more information and an application form can be downloaded below:

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Death - guide and ally

Letter from Ivona Mollberg sent Sept. 28, 2010. This sorry for the late publication . ... I did not make a note in the busy season ... :(

Dear friends,

for the year 2009/2010 together we managed to make a large number of projects, whether it is the completion of Aram, regular study suttas, meditation sessions, children's Dhamma school trips, visits to places emotionally loaded (eg. concentration camp), several lectures on the venerable Visuddhi schools, a visit to a hospice, a meeting over tea, currently finishing up translating suttas to release etc.

According to Buddhist tradition is good not only giving but also receiving and donor care. We would like to thank you for your generosity sent this flyer (download below) and Sutta, where the Buddha explains how one gains merit obdarováváním. For all donor does Reverend also special chanting :)

Many times, heartfelt thank you to everyone for your support. Metta,

Ivona for Karuna Seven

PS When we have created a list of names of donors who contributed the most to support the venerable Visuddhi and Karuna seven, it was a great joy, because this overview is constantly (as if by itself) expanded. Even as I write this email, Reverend me add a few names of people who were so amazing that contribute or contribute regularly. We were impressed and moved by the number of names, after all there are more than 100! I once heard in Lotus claims that the monk / nun (Theravada tradition) residing in the Czech Republic will not find support among the laity. And you see, we all prove that it is possible. So rejoice with us! :)